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Teamwoodcraft is an Irish joinery manufacturing company with a Worldwide client base.  Our architectural joinery fit outs are in some of the most amazing homes.  We believe that your home is your castle.  It reflects who you are and is a place of refuge for your family.  Let us help you put your stamp on your home.

Contemporary Home Kitchen

Period Home Exteriors

At Teamwoodcraft we have years of know how and experience in dealing with conservation projects and period property.  This various from complete interiors to exterior doors, gates, fascia boards etc.

Contemporary Home Kitchen

Contemporary Home Kitchen

This architectural joinery design is based on a New England style.  Floor to ceiling cupboards bring a feeling of light and space.
Contemporary Home Kitchen kitchen-island

Contemporary Home Kitchen island

Every available space has been filled with storage units so the owner can place their stamp on the house.
Contemporary Home Kitchen panels

Contemporary Home Kitchen panels

Adding wood panels to the wall increase heat retention and can be used as a fire retardant. Extra high skirting boards put a personality stamp on the building.

Contemporary Home Kitchen cabinets

The presses and storage units are scaled to suit the room height and dimensions.  Narrow taller press doors make the room appear taller.  Painted units lighten the room.

Contemporary Home hall frame

The use of wood on the ceiling draws the eye down to the feature window at the end of the space.  Going for a round window adds interest.

Contemporary Home kitchen dining

A home can never have enough storage.  This space can be utilised to store all those odds and ends.  Dividing the units up into smaller drawers allows the storage to be even more organised.
dressing room storage

Customised dressing room storage

The dressing room storage has also been broken down into more units.  Instead of opening a larger door or cabinet drawer to find lots of clutter inside, these smaller units allow the clutter to be organised into meaningful categories.

Contemporary Home landing

Your stairs doesn’t have to be boring.  Even adding simple details adds interest.
Wall paneling

Wall paneling

Adding wall paneling adds interest and warmth to a room.  It saves on energy bills as it retains the heat.  Keeping the paneling light in colour ensures a light filled space. It also becomes a feature in itself.

Private Commissions joinery

A fire can engulf your home in minutes.  These doors are fire proof up to an hour, giving you time to get your family to safety.  Half hour and full hour customised designs are available.

Private Commissions fireplace joinery

The fireplace is the heart of the home.  This feature wall is done in Burr Walnut.  A fireplace becomes much more interesting when a feature wall is added behind it.  This is a lifetime feature.

Private Commissions fireplace

We use centuries old traditions that have been passed down from master cabinet maker to master cabinet maker.  This curved  wall paneling feature has been created using a method that is centuries old.
Contemporary Home Kitchen

Private Commissions

There is a lot of wood in this home so we broke it up by using colour.  Mixing light painted joinery with the raw wood colour creates a point of interest and keeps the room light.

Private Commissions moulding

A room that is too big can be altered completely with the addition of an archway.  We perform a lot of restoration work and so we can create any molding you’d like from any period.  Covering the radiators ties the scheme together.

Private Commissions carving

Through our conservation work we have discovered unique ways of adding interest to our bespoke furniture.  The addition of brass instantly dates a piece.
Private Commissions table

Private Commissions table

A privately commissioned table is a unique heritage piece that can be passed down through your family.